Suitable for fluids and high temperatures in various trips and ranges

For example, use in bulldozers, excavators, forging machines, ceramic brick making machines, rolling, servo valves, and machine tools, etc.Hydraulic reciprocating motion system, in high, medium, low pressure and overload, sealed in high frequency conditions excellent.

Suitable for fluids and high temperatures in various trips and ranges, a large piston rod gap can be applied. Working conditions: Speed: 5M / S Pressure range: 0-60MPa temperature range: -30 ° C - + 200 ° C medium: petroleum-based hydraulic oil, custom Automotive Oil Seal Suppliers refueling liquid, environmentally friendly hydraulic liquid (bio oil) water and other dependence Sealed ring material, range 5-2000mm sealing ring .

It has good rocky sealing performance, good anti-extrusion, stable size, no temperature effect, does not happen, can be connected in series, there is excellent buffering effect on strong impact pressure, small friction, no crawling , Viscous phenomenon, strong corrosion resistance, simple trench structure, long life, no lubrication, easy to install. . And mechanical seal is a key, precision component, mechanical sealing, such as a variety of pumps, reaction synthesis, turbine compressors, submersible motors, etc.

What are the common mechanical seal leaks? The seal tells you that the part of the mechanical seal leakage occurs is quite wide, and almost relates to all fluid delivery and storage objects, and its leakage form is also diverse. leakage. Then, the species of the leakage form will be described in detail below. How many kinds can the seal leakage of the mechanical seal?

First, the interface leakage: a leakage generated between the sealing ring (filler) surface and the surface of the contact; two, penetration leakage: medium through a seal ring (filler) body capillary osmotic; three, destructive leakage: seal The circle leaked the gap by sharp wear, deformation, deterioration, failure, etc